67′ Diesel Self Levelling Straight Boom

The industry’s first self-leveling boom lift, this unit automatically levels itself on slopes up to 10 degrees while simultaneously driving at full height. Our telescopic boom lifts, also called a stick boom or straight boom, has a boom that telescopes straight out from the boom hoist, which is attached to the lift chassis. Telescopic boom lifts are used when crews need to access an area blocked by rough terrain or somewhere the lift itself can’t get into. The boom extends quickly, and the lift can be driven, in some positions, with the boom fully extended.
Best-in-class gradeability and reach.
Fastest lift and drive speeds for unmatched productivity.

Power: Diesel
Working Height: 18.36 m
Platform Height: 20.36 m
Machine Weight: 12200 kg
Indoor Use: Yes
Outdoor Use: Yes